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JamaicnTHrob October 2014

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about Sly and August. my fantasy is to have a three way with sly myself and august. I'd like to be the white creamy center between these two sweet and juicy hot brotha's. I'd like to have august in my ass while I'm on top of sly with our cocks rubbing together. Oh my god I'm getting hard and horney just thinking about it. I'd like to lick and suck both of them starting with some deep tongue kissing and moving down every inch of their bodies kissing and licking. Then suck on their toes. Then suck on their cocks until they cum. (Oh, I'm about to cum). Damn, these boys are so fuckin fine - I want to taste them so bad. I then want to fuck them (do the creamy center thing) in the shower. then after we've cum together, I just want to lay with them in bed, with sly on top of me while I'm holding augusts cock.