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Happy Valentines Day

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about ArQuez . He comes in to my tattoo parlor right before closing. He says all he wants is a touch up, and it wont take to long. I look into those chocolate eyes and I cant say no. He was right it didn't take very long, about forty-five minutes. I finish up and say that will cost him about $150.00. He looks surprised like he wasn't expecting to have to pay for it. He says he has no money and Im like "WHAT THE FUCK!!" Your gonna pay and you better come up with something quick! He asks if he can work something out as he slowly rubs his growing hard-on through some very flimsy shorts. I tell him "Yeah we can work something out...but it aint your dick you paying with!" He stammers and says he dosent have much experience getting fucked and most guy just want to blow him. I state " Im not most guys!!". I tell him to take them pants off cuz I want to get a good look at what Im about to tear the fuck up!!. He say's he'll do anything else. I say I can call the police! He sit back in the chair and I take some pity on him..just a little. I lick that clean little brown till it glistens with my spit!. He moaning and squirming now. He looks up at and meekly asks will I at least be gently? I say first. It takes a lot of lube, ALOT of lube, but I finally get the head of my dick in his soooo tight hole. Crying and saying Im killin him its tearing him apart and he cant take. I assure him he can and he will!!. I give him a hit of poopers and his eyes roll back and the he closes his eyes and says "DAMN Daddy its yours!" I slide the rest of my 9" and very think dick into him and go o town!!. I ride him like this is that last piece of ass on the planet and I might not get another chance. I feel the walls of his ass start to contract and quiver. Ooooh Papi Im gonna nut! So am I! he shoots so hard he hits the mirror behind the chair and I coat his ass with what feels like gallons!. When we catch our breath, he say "Damn Daddy that shit was good" I might have to come back and get some more work done. I tell him it may cost more next time. He laughs and say he cant wait. Before he leaves he asks if he can send some of his boys my way? I tell him sure...and we can work out a payment plan! We both laugh.