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JamaicnTHrob June 2016

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about TysonTKO . He come home from a long, hard day at work and when he steps into the house, there are candles lit everywhere throughout the house. I have some good slam jams playing in the background and i am dressed in some sexy underwear I know will turn his ass on. I tell him to undress so we can take a good sensual bath together. After that, I heat up some good body oil so I can treat him as my nubian king. After i'm done giving him a good rubdown, I go to get my treats that I have ready for this night. I take out the caramel syrup and I put some on his dick. I go down to suck every last bit of caramel while I enjoy pleasuring him. After some more foreplay we get into the sex and the lovemaking. I have everything from blindfolds to rope so we can use all the tools to get the job done. That is the fantasy I have for this sexy ass nigga.