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JamaicnTHrob December 2017

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about Mario Long and Capricorn. Being tied up by you and having you tell me what to do.. Slapping that phat cock on my face and slowly opening me up, then pumping as fast as you can hearing me yell at the top on my lungs.. You give me more and push me over the edge..I feel u so deep I can feel the muscles and veins tighten in that cock, after hours of use.. Wearing me out and fucking me almost unconscious.. We rest, until a knock on the door.. What's that!? Your homeboy..ooohhhhh and your both so thick. You untie me but only to work both of you at once.. Spinning me on the dick and shooting massive loads leaking out of my ass and's the final part big booty wife who watches interracial porn with me doesn't know until you hear.. **click click??a picture!? Yyeeaahh got me,, used abused and chummed all over.. Ass leaking and shit ..sweaty as fuck with dicks hitting my face n juice running down..yeah we got you and unless you want us to fuck the shit outta her to your going to have to do what we say now!! Got it!? Yeah I got ..I'm your big black cock slut for life!! ;) and deep's my dream come true!!